Add Security Measures for WordPress

Useful WordPress security tips and tricks. In this day and age, there are many threats to watch out for. Including but not limited to; hackers, script kiddies, bots, viruses, malware, spammers, and black hat SEO techniques. With all that being said we can go a few steps beyond normal security. Below are a few tips and tricks to help with WordPress security efforts.  Read More

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HSTS – HTTP Strict Transport

If your SSL environment is using HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport) with a max age usually six months to a year. HSTS automatically redirects HTTP requests to HTTPS for the target domain for a lengthy period of time. HSTS supported browsers store this max age data. One way to bypass this is by setting the HTTP Strict Transport max age to 0 (Zero). By setting this max age to 0 this will allow a site to switch between both HTTPS and HTTP pages without the possibility of being stuck in HTTPS or a redirect loop. Read More

How to Delete a MySQL Username in WHM

How to delete a MySQL user in WHM.

Sometimes you delete an account and need to recreate the account and the MySQL username is not deleted. And your are unable to remove it. This may require you sign in to WHM and preform this action.

Go to WHM click on phpMyAdmin then click on the database that has the user needed to be deleted. Then enter the following code in the SQL text area. Read More